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Home Care

Reward yourself and your family a comfort and healthy sleep by small and easy to use home care device.


Azeer provides human cadres qualified scientifically and practically and trained internationally in factories manufacturers of hardware.


Work on a timeline and periodic checklist includes all important points to ensure that there is no sudden failure.

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Lowenstein medical products range, Anesthesia Workstations, Neonatology, Intensive Care Ventilation, Home Care Ventilation, Sleep Apnea, Therapy, Patient Interface and Accessories

Löwenstein Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Germany is specialised in development, production and sales of medical devices and systems. For almost 30 years of company history, Löwenstein Medical have made an important contribution to patient care. In neonatal care, intensive care ventilation and anaesthetics the company develops and manufactures its own innovative products which are used worldwide. With its intensive research and development work, Löwenstein Medical always succeed in producing new products for the market, hence making a significant contribution to medical progress. Building on a first-class workforce, a well-established sales infrastructure and a company strategy which constantly aims to benefit the user, Löwenstein Medical will continue to produce and sell high-quality state of the art medical devices and systems, with the main focus being on patient care.

With more than 1500 employees and 150 branches throughout Germany, Löwenstein Medical ensure high quality products.


Profile company 

Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. (Gentec), founded in 1969 by Thomas Kuo, is a global industrial leader in gas flow control systems manufacturing.

High quality products, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service and continuous technological innovation have fueled the company’s rapid growth. Gentec utilizes abundant global resources, skilled professionals, and robust ERP system to operate with maximum efficiency.

A wide distribution network extends to thousands of customers in over sixty countries around the world. Highly experienced engineers and technicians are

the core of Gentec’s manufacturing excellence. Over 90 percent of the components are manufactured and assembled in-house.

Raw material inspection required tooling, machine programming, final assembly, and testing is all performed to meet the exact specifications

of the products manufactured.

Gentec is:

ISO 9001,

ISO 13485,

ISO/TS 29001,

API Spec Q1,

Saudi (SFDA)


Nanchang Biotek Medical Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. We currently mainly produce disposable anesthesia and nursing products. Our factory covers 45,000 square meters.

Our company is awarded with ISO9001/ISO13485 quality management system certificate and CE certificate issued by TUV   Rheinland (shanghai) Co., Ltd., as well as GMP certification implemented by Chinese State food Drug Administration (SFDA), and    kingdom of Saudi Arabia food Drug Administration (SFDA).

KSA Vision 2030


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